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You must always show love to your Day Ones. These special edition Air Jordan Air Jordan Spizike (315371-032) shoes honor American film-maker Spike Lee, but more specifically one of his most famous characters, that helped put Air Jordans on the map. Mars Blackmon, one of the main characters in Lee's 1986 hit She's Gotta Have It, is accredited as being one of the driving forces that made Air Jordans the must-have shoes of the day. The character is shown as a silly carefree Brooklynite with an undeniable streak of immaturity. Mars' refusal to grow up is accompanied by his refusal to take off his Air Jordans for ANYTHING. His commitment to his Jordans become a key component of the character's personality, almost allowing the shoes to become a character in and of themselves. After the success of the film, Mars Blackmon made his way from the big screen to the small screen when he began appearing in Air Jordan advertisements of the late 80s and early 90s. The airing of these commercials was a turning point for both Spike Lee and the Air Jordan brand. Air Jordans began to be seen as items of fashion instead of simply being perceived for their function. And in the name of fashion, the Air Jordan Spiz'ike was born. Originally appearing in 2006, these kicks feature a combination of elements from various editions of AJs. The main silhouette is derived from AJ5 with an out and midsole from AJ3, side wings from AJ4, tongue and laces from AJ6, and a back tab from AJ9. These kicks have a signature afro-centric elephant print trim and are available in more than 30 colorways. As Mars Blackmon famously said, "It's gotta be da shoes!"

  • Leather/synthetic uppers for durability
  • Mesh side panels for ventilation
  • Soft midsoles and Nike air cushions in heels and forefeet for comfort
  • Midfoot strap joined with laces for fastened fit
  • Padded collar for enhanced fit
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By Michael | 6/6/2019

Good shoes!

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