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2016, the Year of Ye

So, the saying goes, “go big or go home.” Though there are plenty of contenders for biggest star in 2016, none live life quite as large as Kanye West. The Rapper, Designer, Curator, (and man who has ½ million other titles), has set up ‘16 to be his biggest year- which, considering how big he was in the past, is saying something.

His adidas shoes have taken over the sneaker world, and his yeezy clothing collection brought upscale fashion to mainstream attention. True, his fashion influence is strong, but the thing people might be looking to forward the most, is his seventh studio album “Swish”- due out February 11th.

”Swish” has been hyped since early last year. He’s released possible cuts that feature the likes of Paul McCartney and Rihanna with the minimal “FourFiveSeconds” and “Only One.”

To contrast, “All Day,” is another track he’s released that is more traditional as a modern trap banger. The track features Allan Kingdom, Theophilus London, and Paul McCartney and has been on rotation with radio stations nationwide for months.

The hype is real. The album is coming. And it’s only a few short weeks away.

Promoting it album in the bold fashion Kanye is known for, he’s picked up the habit of GOOD Fridays again and has released 2 new cuts in the past 2 Fridays.

The first one is titled “Facts” and is a beef track, but not with a rapper- with his former partner Nike. Now firmly snug as an adidas spokesperson, “Facts” blasted Nike for its practices and procedures and more or less inspired by how Ye feels they burned him in the past.

A week later Ye dropped “Real Friends" featuring Ty Dolla $ign- a slow and emotional crooner wondering the authenticity of true friends. The backing ad libs and chorus were provided by Ty. Though enough heat to keep you warm on its own, the track ends on a clip of “No More Parties in LA,’ a boom bap beat with heavy lyrical content.

The track was apparently produced by mad lib during the ‘My Dark Twisted Fantasy’ sessions and features another ‘it’ man of 2016- Kendrick Lamar. Though the track hasn’t been officially confirmed for swish, given that it’s only a snippet, it’s been speculated to be included.

Though Kanye has always worked with the top minds of the music industry for his albums, he isn’t restricted to just collabing with musicians. Now firmly adjusted as a family man, West has sought the opinion of his famous sisters-in-law.

Khloe Kardashian recently had a sit down with Cosmo and stated "He really cares about our opinions. We're not artists, obviously, but he respects what we say so much… just to see him at work and see how much he respects our opinions, all of us sisters, he wants us all in the studio at different times."

With collaborations with top notch musicians and personalities alike, Swish might be the defining album on 2016.

Not to be limited to music, Kanye west’s fashion influence is about to be kicked into high gear. When he released the silhouettes of his shoes last year, the Yeezy 350, 750, and 950 boost, they were quickly picked up by the hype train and took over the sneaker world. Though sales of the 950 aren’t all 100% sell-throughs, the 350 and 750 see complete sell outs within minutes of dropping both online and in stores. To top that, resell value for models like the 350 “Oxford Tan” or “Turtle Dove” reach upwards of 2k.

Though many people have expected grabbing an L for Yeezy 350 drops, it’s been reported that that might not be as much of an issue in 2016.

Complex network site The Shoe Game claims retailers will be receiving as much as four times as many of adidas YEEZY Boosts in 2016. The blog claims “a close retail source” as giving them the info.

With colorways like white on white and a sky blue yet to release, this may give hope to sneakerheads who have yet to cop a pair.

In addition to his sneakers being more easily available to consumers, his clothing line will also see a change that the masses will appreciate. When Yeezy season 1 & 2 dropped, the main issue at hand was that it was priced similarly to other high fashion products. While it may work for some, many can’t afford a Yeezy coat for  $2000+- but there is good news. TMZ stalked West and asked him about the affordability of yeezy season 1 & 2 In which Kanye commented that prices would be slowing down. 

Every rapper claims to be the biggest and best ever, and though Kanye is many other things besides a rapper, it’s hard to deny the extreme reach of his influence. With so much heat dropping in the next year, we’re calling it now- 2016 is the Year of ‘Ye.