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Brand Spotlight: Haculla

Haculla is a designer streetwear collection designed by Tykoon Brand Holding’s owner and creative director Jon Koon.  Koon is an independent menswear designer and owner of brands such as Private Stock and Mostly Heard Rarely Seen. He specializes in luxurious fabrics, innovative designs and styling techniques that fuse with functionality and reflect todays new generational style.

Koon’s inspiration came from contemporary graffiti artist Harif Guzman. Guzman began tagging the streets of New York during a period of homelessness in the early 2000s and became known for his dark, thought-provoking street pieces.  “Haculla” is the name of his alter ego.

Haculla’s first collection is inspired by and references Guzman’s “Dark Ages” characters. Guzman is also the mastermind of the artistic designs on each product. Haculla offers t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and hats.


Dj Ruckus (above) in Haculla apparel on Good Morning America. Harif Guzman (below, second to left) hanging out with friends in Haculla attire.