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Brand Spotlight: Staple

Staple Pigeon Logo Staple , also known as Staple Pigeon because of its mascot, is a New York City-based  clothing brand that highlights and evolves the latest streetwear brands.

Staple was formed in 1997 by Jeff Staple, then enrolled in Parsons School of Design. While he was slowly building his clothing brand, he was also working on Staple Design Studio, his creative consulting firm. 

The Staple Pigeon logo first appeared on a limited Nike Dunk Low Pro SB collaboration, which launched the brand into the global spotlight and changed the way sneakerheads thought of collaborations for the better. Since then, Nike has routinely paired with artists, designers and boutiques to create unique sneakers.

Staple says he adopted the pigeon as the mascot because of their ubiquity in NYC and their ability to survive even in the urban jungle. 

The clothing line feature a wide variety of products including apparel like graphic tees, tanks, button ups and jackets, along with products like wallets, headphones and backpacks.


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