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Kevin Durant is heading to the Bay

The Wild, Wild West just got a little wilder, or rather predictable, after Kevin Durant ‘spurned’ the Oklahoma City Thunder and has decided to sign a free agent offer sheet with the Golden State Warriors.

The former second overall pick in the 2007 draft had meetings with OKC, Golden State, Boston, Miami, San Antonio and the LA Clippers before deciding to take his talents to the Bay Area to the disgust of many fans.

Videos can be found all over the Internet and social media of fans destroying KD socks, t-shirts and jerseys. A fan even torched a pair of KD’s signature shoes out of spite for KD leaving.

Many people have already forgotten about LeBron leaving Cleveland, and the way he did it was much worse. The King and ESPN put on an hour long segment for him to reveal where he was heading.

LeBron took his talents to South Beach, teaming up with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. He caught a lot of flak for that, but, in the end, the trio went to four Finals and took home two championships.

After four years, LeBron returned home to Cleveland, and since his return has taken the Cavs to the Finals twice including a 2016 Finals victory.

So before everyone hates on KD, remember that LeBron, the biggest superstar in the NBA, started the trend of teaming up with other superstars.

The downside to Durant joining the Warriors is that his former team was one game away from eliminating them and going to the Finals themselves. And, the Thunder had three chances to win and move on.

Also, the Thunder GM went out and traded Serge Ibaka to bring in Victor Oladipo and other assets to increase the odds of KD re-signing. But, even with those efforts it just wasn’t enough to convince Durant to stay in Oklahoma City.

Many players around the league were also stunned by the decision. But no one seemed to be as furious or disappointed as Stephen A. Smith.

Honestly though, a player’s legacy is directly attributed to how many championships they won during their career.

So why not chase after that?

You, me and everyone else we know want to prove ourselves and build some sort of legacy whether it’s in the tech field or as a CEO of a company. Therefore, if Durant has a better shot at a ring with Golden State, then go and take it. If that chance was in Miami or Boston, go after that ring.

Let the man eat where he wants to eat. Basketball is a business. And, Durant just made a business decision. Move on people.

Eventually the LeBron hate was just small chatter in Cleveland, even when he was winning championships in South Beach. And, that chatter, it was gone in the summer of 2014 when LeBron decided to go to the Land.

The chatter and hate for Durant will fade away and people will forget about what happened.

But for the real salty people, Durant left you for a better team. That’s better than the entire franchise leaving like the team did to Seattle. So just be thankful you still have a team in your city to root for.