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NBA Admits Missed Calls

With 13.5 seconds remaining in Game 2 of the Western Conference Semifinals between the Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs, the officials completely swallowed their whistles and could not spit them back up.

The Thunder were attempting to inbound the ball with Dion Waiters throwing it in. Waiters was being guarded by Manu Ginobili. Most fans only saw Waiters throw an elbow to create space to pass the ball in, which should have been an offensive foul. But, many people didn’t see that Ginobili stepped over the inbounds line and the Thunder should have been awarded a technical free throw from that violation.

That would have wiped out the potential offensive foul on Waiters. This isn’t where it ends though due to the refs swallowing those whistles.

Waiters leaped to throw the ball in to Kevin Durant, also illegal. While this is going on the clock started running before the ball was touched although only about a second of game time was lost.

Durant was in the air when he caught the ball but never made it to the ground with it. Between Durant’s arms was the hand of Danny Green. Green slapped at the ball but hit Durant’s arms, which should have been a foul. Instead the ball was jarred loose and fell to the floor, bouncing between Green’s legs.

Green picks up the ball, throws it towards the basket to Patty Mills and the play continues. Eventually, after another couple of passes, the ball ends up back in the hands of Mills, who attempts a three. Steven Adams closes out on Mills and ends up in the first row of the fans.

One of those fans grabs on to the arm of Adams, which at the least would be stop of play and the ball awarded to the Thunder, if not a technical foul.

And if you continue to watch the play, after Mills’ three point attempt, Serge Ibaka and LaMarcus Aldridge were locked up going for the rebound. Aldridge comes down with the rebound and as he does so Ibaka’s arm gets caught in the Aldridge’s jersey. Ibaka was able to poke the ball away while this happened and with lots of body contact. Therefore, another missed call.

No one wants to see a foul call in the final seconds, but this game got out of control very quickly.

For once the NBA and the game officials acknowledged that the refs missed five calls in those final 13.5 seconds. The NBA admitted that a delay of game call on Ginobili, offensive foul on Waiters, fouls on Mills and Kawhi Leonard for holding Thunder players and Ibaka holding onto Aldridge were all missed.

Images via SlamOnline, Bleacher Report and Fox Sports.