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Nike Tech Fleece

With Fall right around the corner, Nike is releasing their Fall 2015 Tech Fleece collection. This innovative collection is designed for light-weight warmth and comfort. Instead of using space to trap heat close to the body, Nike has designed tech fleece to be slim fitting. Traditional fleece material is a bit baggy to trap heat, but tech fleece generates by merging a smooth jersey with a synthetic space. This construction generates ample heat without the weight of traditional fall clothing.

The Nike Tech Fleece Women’s Vest boasts a sleek shape, designed to hug the body. The vest has an off-center front zipper inspired by asymmetrical motor jackets. Perfectly sized for your smart phone, the zippered, front pocket provides secure storage. An oversized hood provides excellent coverage, and ribbed hem and armholes help keep the vest in place during movement.

If you are looking to add more layers to the vest, then the Nike Tech Fleece Women’s Crew is what you need. The ribbed hemming and sleeve cuff keep the shirt in place while you are on the move, and for add security and coverage, Nike added thumbholes. The half-length, back zipper makes it easier to take the crew on and off.

To complete the look, Nike has developed the Nike Tech Fleece Women’s Pants for a more modern, feminine look. These pants have a tapered leg and slim fit. The elastic waistband and ribbed cuffs comfortably lock down for increased mobility.

Check out for varying sizes and colors for all of Nike’s Tech Fleece Women’s apparel.