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Now Available: North Face

Up on your North Face game?

Sightings from Drake, Asap Rocky, Chief Keef (and more, and more, and more, etc) all speak to its 2017 relevance, but this brand has been a must-cop in streetwear for years.

From B.I.G. to OG Maco (with many others along the way) The North Face brand has seen shout outs from countless rappers and streetwear aficionados. In part for their sturdy build and price, somewhat like the Timberland, the brand gained popularity in streetwear in the American north east, and in the streets of London. By the early 2000’s, it was commonplace North Face on any streetwear lover worth their salt- contrasting its native habitat of being worn by suburban dads. 

By the time Supreme first covered a North Face parka in its logo in 2007, the ground had been laid and North Face's place in streetwear cemented. In its 10 years since, they've made a total of 10 collabs with Supreme, dozens of collabs with other designers and ‘it’ brands, and have created aesthetically pleasing sub-brands that retain the build but keep their focus fashion forward (a la, Japanese North Face Label Purple).

North Face now takes its rightful perch in the streetwear world as something slick, classy, but still in the know. It’s a clean look that works for the entrepreneur and entourage alike.

Peep our collection & Cop North Face to show your style is street with some subtle class- Any dad fashion vibes are bonus points.