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Real Steph Curry vs. Digital Steph Curry

Steph Curry is playing like a video game character this season knocking down shots from all over the court. Now, the gameplay director of NBA 2K, Mike Wang, says the developers are having to recalibrate some of their formulas due to the shots and range that Curry is pulling up for.

“He’s a ‘rule breaker’ when it comes to jump shooting … he becomes a problem in the video game world where we’ve been trying to train our gamers [to know] that certain types of shots should be rewarded versus others,” Wang said.

This is because Curry will dribble up court and just shoot a three from almost anywhere inside the half-court line. Developers have coded the game that would discourage players from taking threes off the dribble as well as many other shots that Curry has taken this season.

Curry has already broken his own record for threes made in a season with 288 this year, and the Warriors still have 24 games to play. He has made one more two-point field this season than threes. Curry even tied the record for most threes made in a game with 12 on February 28 against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

With Curry’s ability to pick up and shoot, developers have had to recalibrate some of their formulas specifically for Curry. One of those is constantly shooting from deep, which is made to be less rewarding due to the fact it is a more difficult shot.

Wang said that the developers have changed the gameplay a bit to give 2K Curry a bit more freedom of throwing up threes and making them, but they still discourage over-dribbling with one player.

Curry has knocked down threes from 30+ feet all season long including a game winner against the Thunder in which he made the 12 threes. He has even been knocking them down from just inside the half-court line near the logo. It seems like Curry’s range is from just about anywhere on the court, or off as he is seen draining shots from the tunnel during his pregame warm-ups.

”To be completely honest, we are still looking for ways to better translate his game into NBA 2K,”Wang said. “We’re going to have to invest even more time in the future iterations to really let Steph be Steph in future versions of NBA 2K.”

It seems as if the coding for 2K Curry is still a work in progress. But let’s hope the developers get it right for next year’s game.

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