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adidas Boost Tech

Kanye West and James Harden are both names you think of when looking at shoes from adidas, and both men’s sneaker lines feature the best tech to come from the brand in decades, adidas Boost.

Boost was introduced in 2013, and it was touted as the best cushioning to ever grace a midsole. Different from the one-piece construction of traditional EVA cushioning, the Boost is made of thousands of individual TPU pieces, called energy capsules, heated, expanded, and molded together to form a midsole. Producing a bounce-like effect, adidas Boost resembles a styrofoam-like composition, and offers a high level of responsiveness and energy return.

To perform at this level, the Boost absorbs energy and impact in a different way than standard foams. It deforms greatly during impact, and during take-off returns to its original state with a vast amount of energy. Even after the stress of running, adidas boasts the tech has an increased longevity, and it performs well in extreme conditions.

Boost quickly became popular for its athletic applications, but it also made headway with sneakerheads with the release of the adidas Pure Boost. When Kanye West was developing the Yeezy line with adidas, he tried on the Pure Boost, and demanded they use the tech in his sneakers.Yeezy 350 Boost bottom

Ye’s Yeezy 350 and 750 were both a huge success for adidas, and the adidas Ultra Boost increased the recognition of the tech as well. When James Harden signed on with the brand, the basketball star also employ adidas Boost to help his game in the adidas Crazy Lightboost 2.5 Harden.

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adidas Ultra Boost diagram

adidas Ultra Boost

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