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adidas Torsion System

Introduced in 1988, the adidas Torsion System has been a staple in adidas performance runners and basketball sneakers since its inception.

Created to assist the forefoot and rearfoot to move independently and adapt to various surfaces without straining the foot, the Torsion System is a thermoplastic arch bridging the heel and the forefoot. Torsion offers high degrees of support and stability, and allows the midfoot adjust to the ground.

By support the midfoot, the Torsion System fights improper flexing of the arch, creating protection and control during strides or jumps. The Torsion System has been implemented since the late 80s due to creating a smooth heel to toe transition.

This arch support system has been going strong for almost 30 years, and adidas continues to add it to their performance sneakers. The unique Torsion System provides support for runners and responsive stability on the basketball court. Be sure to check out City Gear's selection of adidas sneakers containing the Torsion System.

Torsion System in ZX Flux

Torsion System