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Air Jordan 12 'French Blue'

The Air Jordan 12 was released after Michael Jordan had already displayed he was iconic through his first 10 years, just as he was showing he was a legend on the way to his fifth NBA title in 1996.

The AJ 12 saw the GOAT through his fifth NBA Title against the Karl Malone’s Utah Jazz, and what’s more it got him through the infamous “Flu Game.” Whether MJ actually had the flu or food poisoning, will always up to speculation, but it was a game that went down in history.

The Bulls and Jazz were tied 2-2, and Jordan was sick as a dog. He spent the whole day before the game resting in bed instead of practicing for Game 5 of the Finals. When it came to game time, the trainers told Jordan to sit out, but he ignored them. MJ took to the court, and dropped 38 points, including draining a 3-pointer with 25 seconds left. The Bulls won 90-88, and they would go on to win Game 6, winning the title for the Bulls.

The “Flu Game” AJ 12 was highly sought after following the game, and the silhouette itself is a must have for sneakerheads. Like many of the killer Jordan silhouettes, this one was designed by Tinker Hatfield with heavy input from Mike himself.

Hatfield found inspiration for Michael Jordan’s signature sneaker all over the world, and the Air Jordan 12 was no different. Jordan himself was a fan of fashion, including women’s fashion. A women’s boot from the 19th century inspired the first concepts for the AJ 12, but more global influences would stand out on the sneaker.

The Japanese Rising Sun flag has a white background and red sun with light radiating from the sun, and the sunbeam pattern inspired Hatfield. The “rays” are stitched down the sides of the silhouette invoking images of the historic flag.

Michael Jordan Flu Game

His Airness’ ideas were always taken into account when it came to a new design, and each new sneaker showed his number “23” somewhere on the design. This time MJ had an idea. He wanted to have the number written down the tongue, but he wanted it written like this: Two 3.

As always Jordan wanted the best performing kicks he could get, so the Air Jordan 12 was the first Jordan silhouette to sport a Zoom Air unit, the carbon fiber midfoot plate was carried over from the AJ 11, and the sneaker donned a modified herringbone pattern for improved traction on the hardwood. The tech in this shoe was so good some of MJ’s teammates wore them on court, including Scottie Pippen. Pippen loved the feel and comfort of the AJ 12 so much that he had the Zoom Air units added to his first signature sneaker.

Air Jordan 12 'French Blue' 130690-113

The Air Jordan 12 'French Blue' is constructed with a white, tumbled leather base and French Blue leather overlays with a reptilian pattern. The sneaker features metallic silver lace loops, and Jordan branding on the heel in red, white, and blue. The French Blue midsole houses a black and red carbon fiber midfoot plate for arch support. This classic colorway is finished out with a French Blue outsole.

The Air Jordan 12 'French Blue' (130690-113) will be available Saturday, April 2nd, in stores only. Check out Where to Cop for details on which locations will be getting these kicks. They drop in men's for $190, grade schoolers' for $140, preschoolers' for $80, toddlers' for $60, and crib shoes for $50.

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Air Jordan 12 'French Blue' 130690-113

Air Jordan 12 'French Blue' 130690-113

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