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Asics Gel-Lyte Tech

Conceived in Japan for the benefit of runners the world over, the Asics GEL system has been a mainstay in the running community for the past 30 years since its first appearance in the Asics GT-II in 1986.

At Asics’s Research Institute of Sports Science in Kobe, researchers studied runners, and all of the forces experienced as the foot moves through the line of progression from heel to toe. To meet the biomechanical needs of athletes, Asics researchers developed the Gel Cushioning System. The gel in sneakers can be implemented in many different densities and shapes to best compliment the needs and style of runners.

Asics Gel close-up

Gel is a soft substance sandwiched between the two pieces of EVA foam midsole, and it provides superior shock absorption and comfort. When running, a person experiences a shock about 3 to 5 times their body weight, and the Gel tooling assists in absorbing said shock.

Instead of compressing the impact forces on the heel, Asics Gel spreads the force out creating a superior impact resistant system. As part of their Impact Guidance System, Asics usually places Gel in the forefoot to accommodate the loading force from propulsion.

Asics has routinely claimed their Gel tech could prevent an egg breaking from 6 meters or almost 20 ft. They have tested this on multiple occasions such as the video below. Asics Gel is a serious tech for runners, and it makes their lifestyle sneakers extremely comfortable as well. Check out City Gear’s selection of Asics sneakers if you want to feel this tech first hand. 

Asics Gel-Lyte III ‘White Marble’ – H627L.0101 – 5/14/16

Asics Gel-Lyte III ‘Red Marble’ – H627L.2323 - 5/14/2016