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Bo Jackson Air Trainer SC High ATL 96 Contest

Heads up Atlanta,

City Gear is giving you a chance to win a guaranteed spot to purchase the Nike Air Trainer SC High ATL 96, but to win you have to follow the rules below. The contest begins on 8/1 and ends on 8/4

  1. Follow all of the Atlanta City Gear store Twitter accounts and @CityGear on Twitter.
  2. @CityGear will tweet out a question about the 1996 Olympics once a day, and our Atlanta stores will tweet out possible answers.
  3. Go to the store with the right answer - because some of them are wrong - find our Olympics 1996 sign and take a selfie with it!
  4. Anyone with FOUR selfies by the end of the contest is eligible to purchase*


Winning participants will be confirmed by the store they take the final selfie at on 8/4.

*Limited quantities available

Bo Jackson Contest