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Trend Spotlight: The Jogger Pants Movement

The days of workout clothes strictly being worn while running or lifting weights are long gone. With college campuses and work environments alike becoming more lax, people are gravitating towards comfort ability in their clothing choices. Enter the reinvention of Jogger Pants. Trending heavily this season, these cuffed pants, once only worn in the gym, now come in Twill, Terry, Cotton, Denim, and of course Leather.  


Allegedly invented by rap genius Kanye West (hey, don't question it), leather joggers are hot in the hip hop community this season. From Beyonce to Rick Ross, everybody is on the jogger train! Brands like Publish and Play Cloths are manufacturing the trousers with crazy prints, PU hits and patterns.   Guys are pairing theirs with crew necks, bomber jackets, elongated tees, and even wovens. Girls are going for a sexy-sporty look, pairing their joggers with crop tops and heels. Both men and women also dress up the look with dope kicks. Throw a colorful beanie in the mix, and you're killin' the game! So even if you have never lifted a weight in your life, the comfortable jogger style conquers all this year.   Publish has been lauded in recent months as kickstarting the most versatile of men's fashion trends, as their line of jogger pants continue to somehow work perfectly, with seemingly every outfit, inspiring dozens of brands to follow suit. These pants cuff at the ankle, providing framing for outfits that intend to call out the shoes, while adding a level of comfort normally unprecedented in high fashion.    

jogger pants

   As the jogger pant evolves as a concept, you can expect to see the ankle-accentuating street pants in PU, twill, fleece, as well as other materials, cuts and colors.  

Are jogger pants the new jeans? A campaign revolving around the high-demand pants (which have consistently sold out within hours of being available) has kicked off exploring the shift in trends among young men, which you can check out below:



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Let us know how you're rockin' your joggers!  

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