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Brand Spotlight: STAPLE PIGEON

Ever since being founded by Jeff Staple in 1997, Staple Pigeon has lived up to its namesake as a integral pillar in the streetwear culture. It was the release (and ensuing riot) of the iconic Staple x Nike SB Dunk Low “Pigeon” in 2006 that Staple brand truly blossomed into a household name.  


After mastering the elements of graphic design in a matter of months while working for a design firm, Jeff chose to forego the journalism degree he was pursuing to instead intern for a burgeoning streetwear brand called PNB and work as a graphic designer for c.i.t.e. Design. While doing all of this Jeff still found time to silk screen his own Staple shirts in his spare time. It all changed when Jeff was shopping at a boutique in SoHo, NY,  Staple’s self-produced shirts caught the manager’s eye and bought the first 12 Staple shirts and as they say, the rest in history.


Staple Pigeon has spread across the far reaches of the world and collaborated with some of the top brands in existence. Staple’s *ahem* staple colorway of shades of gray accentuated by a hint of pink mimicking a pigeon has blessed brands like FILA, Puma, Timberland, New Balance and of course, Nike. Staple Pigeon’s knack for seamlessly integrating themselves into the zeitgeist has lead to an abundance collaborations and leading Staple Pigeon to label themselves as a “Positive Social Contagion”.