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Bubble Up! Artist Spotlight: Hippy SOUL

When it comes to incorporating thought provoking lyricism in super slick flows and beats, Hippy SOUL takes the cake out of the bakery with it. We’ve been following SOUL for a minute and they never disappoint to bring the heat when its time. Looking back on some of their past releases, they have been mad scientists mixing dark, ethereal trap beats with their own brand of conscious, hype rap. Their Live performances are nothing short of spectacular as well. There’s much to expect from the dynamic Memphis duo and the next couple of months are sure to be nothing less than greatness.

walking down the street

The past 4 months have been one big wave after another for the Memphis-based duo from music festivals, conferences, and hit remix singles, Hippy SOUL has been dominating URL and IRL worlds respectfully. They were recently spotted on the A3C new artist blurb and have been on all night studio binges making new music. Idi and Teco of Hippy SOUL have been an unstoppable force of nature in the underground rap scene in 2017. Keep it locked on these two.

concert jams

Check out their "No Heart" remix. Careful, its HOT.