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City Gear teams up with the Grizzlies' Zach Randolph and MPD to give Coats to Kids

Zach Randolph and the Memphis Police Department's Community Outreach Program helped warm bodies and hearts by donating hundreds of  winter coats to children at an assembly at Cummings Elementary sponsored by City Gear. Throughout November, the COP units challenged stations and units to donate for new winter coats, with all donors receiving one ticket to a Grizzlies basketball game and a chance to win autographed items. Z-Bo then matched the total amount of donations raised. The idea came from Officer Joseph Majors when he and his partner observed that many children were walking to school in the cold without coats, which lead them and their fellow officers to begin pooling money for new ones. From there City Gear and the Memphis Grizzlies got involved as part of the Memphis Grizzlies Season of Giving. Officers, Santa Claus and the big man Zach Randolph all stood on stage and handed out coats for free to the children of Cummings Elementary as Randolph talked to the kids and Santa handed out candy canes to help bring some holiday cheer. [gallery]