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City Gear- The League formerly Deveroes Summer League

The League

The Deveroes Summer League has been the premier summer league in the Cincinnati area for many years. With numerous professional players returning to the Cincinnati area and joining players from major Division I College programs such as Xavier, Cincinnati, and Miami of Ohio, the league has gained traction as the place for elite players to test their games against the best competition in the region. Last Summer Deveroes was acquired by Memphis based retailer, City Gear. City Gear is proud to carry on the tradition of this great tournament under the new name, City Gear-The League. Background on City Gear and the acquisition: City Gear is a Memphis based streetwear and footwear retailer, operating 92 stores throughout the Southeast and Midwest following the Deveroes acquisition. The company is over 32 years old with a rich history of customer service throughout the region. The City Gear brand was launched in 2000 as a reaction to the changing market place, and has flourished over the last 12 years. City Gear strives to be not only the destination store in regional malls, but the customers’ neighborhood store. This familiarity helps establish a deep loyalty at an early age and has been key to our continued success. The acquisition creates a contiguous market from Columbus, Ohio, to Houston, Texas, with no overlap, offering synergies in marketing, operations, and logistics. City Gear offers a similar shoe mix to Deveroes with a broader and deeper section of clothing. They carry all the top flight brands in athletic apparel and footwear including Nike, Jordan, Adidas, and Reebok. They also carry a variety of well known, well regarded, and some exclusive streetwear brands such as TRUKFIT, The Hundreds, Pink Dolphin, LRG, AKOO, DGK, Born Fly and many more. “City Gear is poised for growth,” Mike Longo, CEO of City Gear says. “Deveroes will prove a great add-on to our existing structure, and we are pleased to gain access to key Midwestern markets. Given their proud history, excellent customer service, and superior economics, we are proud to add them to our team.” Longo has been CEO of City Gear, formerly known as Shelmar Retail Partners, since October 2006. Previously he served as Executive Vice President at AutoZone. As a graduate of West Point with an MBA from Harvard University, Longo is well equipped to steer City Gear to a leadership role during the eventual consolidation of the industry.

Summer League Schedule:

Saturday, June 15 12:00pm Raeshon M. Mansoor vs McCluskey Chevrolet 1:00pm Goodies Barbecue Restaurant vs 2:00pm Deer Park Roofing vs Clovernook Health Care 3:00pm     Jackson All-Stars vs SLATS 4:00pm vs S.I. Pool Care Sunday, June 16 12:00pm S. I. Pool Care vs Deer Park Roofing 1:00pm Jackson All-Stars vs Clovernook Health Care 2:00pm Raeshon M. Mansoor Law Office vs 3:00pm Goodies Barbecue Restaurant vs SLATS vs McCluskey Chevrolet Wednesday, June 19 6:30pm Clovernook Health Care vs. S.I. Pool Care 7:30pm Goodies Barbecue Restaurant vs 8:30pm Deer Park Roofing vs Bye: Jackson All-Stars, McCluskey Chevrolet, Raeshon M. Mansoor, SLATS Saturday, June 22 12:00pm Jackson All-Stars vs 1:00pm Deer Park Roofing vs Raeshon M. Mansoor Law Office 2:00pm vs S.I. Pool Care 3:00pm Goodies Barbecue Restaurant vs McCluskey Chevrolet 4:00pm Clovernook Health Care vs SLATS Sunday, June 23 12:00pm Jackson All-Stars vs McCluskey Chevrolet 1:00pm Clovernook Health Care vs 2:00pm Deer Park Roofing vs 3:00pm Goodies Barbecue Restaurant vs Raeshon M. Mansoor Law Office 4:00pm SLATS vs S.I. Pool Care Wednesday, June 26 6:30pm Clovernook Health Care vs Raeshon M. Mansoor Law Office 7:30pm Deer Park Roofing vs Goodies Barbecue Restaurant Bye: SLATS, S.I. Pool Care, Jackson All-Stars, McCluskey Chevrolet, Saturday, June 29 12:00pm Jackson All-Stars vs Raeshon R. Mansoor Law Office 1:00pm: vs 2:00pm Deer Park Roofing vs SLATS 3:00pm: S.I. Pool Care vs McCluskey Chevrolet Bye: Clovernook Health Care, Goodies Barbecue Restaurant Sunday, June 30 12:00pm McCluskey Chevrolet vs Clovernook Health Care 1:00pm vs SLATS 2:00pm Jackson All-Stars vs S.I. Pool Care Bye:, Deer Park Roofing, Raeshon M. Mansoor Law Office, Goodies Barbecue Restaurant   Wednesday, July 10 6:30pm McCluskey Chevrolet vs 7:30pm Goodies Barbecue Restaurant vs Jackson All-Stars 8:30pm SLATS vs Raeshon M. Mansoor Law Office Bye: Clovernook Health Care, Deer Park Roofing,, S.I. Pool Care Saturday, July 13 12:00pm Clovernook Health Care vs, 1:00pm Deer Park Roofing vs Jackson All-Stars 2:00pm vs Raeshon M. Mansoor Law Office 3:00pm Goodies Barbecue Restaurant vs S.I Pool Care 4:00pm McCluskey Chevrolet vs SLATS Sunday, July 14 12:00pm McCluskey Chevrolet vs Deer Park Roofing 1:00pm Clovernook Health Care vs Goodies Barbecue Restaurant 2:00pm Jackson All-Stars vs 3:00pm S.I. Pool Care vs Raeshon M. Mansoor Law Office 4:00pm SLATS vs

End of regular season


Tuesday, July 16 6:30pm 7:30 pm  Wednesday, July 17 6:30pm                  7:30pm Thursday, July 18 6:30pm 7:30pm Semi-Finals  Saturday, July 20 12:30pm 1:30pm CHAMPIONSHIP GAME  Saturday, July 27 1:30pm   Keep up with 2013's City Gear- The League on Twitter at: @deveroesbball On their blog at // and on the website //