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Father's Day: Cops for Pops

Cops For Pops: What to Buy Your Dad for Father’s Day

We all love our dads but it can be kinda hard to get them the perfect gift for Father’s Day. So this year, we’re gonna help y’all find the perfect gifts for your dad with our first annual Cops For Pops gift list. This year you can skip the socks and ties and get your dad something he’ll really love. The dad wave is all the rage nowadays so it’s perfectly fitting to cop your dad a dad hat or some chunky dad shoes.


Air Jordan Retro 14 ‘Last Shot’

Every dad has a Michael Jordan story. Every dad knows where they were when MJ hit that shot over Byron Scott of the Utah Jazz to win his 6th and final championship. This iconic pair of shoes are perfect for the dads that won’t stop talking about why LeBron will never be better than MJ. The premium tumbled leather and low profile make it a perfect summer shoe to flex in with the matching Jordan short set.


Fila Mindblower

Fila is making a huge splash with their retro style and classic shoes and there’s no shoe more dad-ly than the Fila Mindblower. Plus they come in both black and white so they can feel free to lace them up with any fits. Your pops will be grill-ready with these clean yet conservative kicks ‘cause sure its Father’s Day but he still gotta get it poppin’ on the grill.


Nike U NSW Visor

Help your dad reminisce on the days when his hair blew in the wind with the Nike U NSW Visor. This visor pairs perfectly with a classic pair of Air Force One Lows for a fresh look on a hot day. It also works to shield your pops from the gleam of his own head.

Mitchell & Ness Hardwood Classic Jersey

Every child has heard their dad’s “you know i used to hoop back in my day” story and what better what to honor their long gone hoop dreams by rubbing it in their face with a retro jersey? Mitchell and Ness has the fire selection of Hardwood Classic jerseys honoring legendary hoopers. Your pops might not have been Penny Hardaway but at least he can look like him, right?


Puma Dad Hat

It would be illegal to make a post about dads without including the famous dad hat. Cop your dad a Puma dad hat in every color to match his monochromatic fit because dad’s loving wearing everything in one color. If he wants to rock all orange one dad and lavender the next Puma has an endless spectrum of hats for every fit and every pair of kicks he could match them with. They’re perfect to rock with the equally colorful Puma Roma line or his favorite strapped sandals.  


Born Fly Hera Tee

Add a lil spice to your pop’s life with this colorful pattern-filled tee from Born Fly. The variety of colors and patterns give even the pickiest of dad’s multiple outfit options. This shirt might be a little bold but it’ll go oh so perfectly with your dad’s favorite pair of white linen shorts. Plus the V-Neck cut allows him to flex the chain he never takes off that’s all tangled up in his chest hairs.


Grindhouse Moto Pleat

Get your dad out of those old acid wash shorts from the 80s and into something fit for the grill king in your life. It’s too hot for your dad to be out here in the bootcut jeans that cover his shoes. These shorts combine that old school feel with a new school look.

Whatever you dad likes to wear, be sure to check out your local City Gear and online for the best deals in all things dad!