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Retro Rewind: Caiso G-Shock Collection!

Time waits for no man so don’t wait to get your hands on a timeless Caiso G-Shock watch, a rugged retro accessory that fits perfectly into all modern-day styles.

Originally made to be used by military personnel and outdoorsmen, these daring and distinct timepieces brought power to punctuality with their extraordinarily sturdy and stylish weatherproof construction that followed the rule of “Triple 10.” Each watch was made to withstand 10-feet drops, the pressure of 10 meters of water, and to contain a battery that would last 10 years. They were officially released in 1983 but it wasn’t until the late 1990s that their appeal began seeping out of niche markets and into the mainstream when they quickly became a staple piece that could be seen on the wrists of athletes, skateboarders, and rappers across the country. That new-found fandom lent Caiso to team up with well-known artists and streetwear lines of the era, such as Wu-Tang Clan and BAPE, to release special edition collabs that gave consumers all fashion without losing any of the function. Like many relics of the past, these wristwatches did fall out of the spotlight for a period of time but now they are back and better than ever, having returned to their roots of performance and been reinvented to have 20x times the resistance, sport new alarm and stopwatch features, and a displayed date, all without ever losing any of that immediate recognition and style that stands the test of time.

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