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In Case You Missed It: Kicklahoma

City Gear got its kicks this past weekend at the fifth annual Kicklahoma event in Oklahoma City, OK. Located in the heart of OKC, Kicklahoma is sneakerhead central with every square inch of the city’s farmer’s market lined with display tables and racks seeking to catch the eyes of anyone who passes by. It is a congregation of collectors and resellers all of whom are ready to buy, sell, trade, and hoard their way into the spotlight. The atmosphere here is thick with the allure of shiny sneakers and limited edition cops that bring enthusiasts of all ages together to feed their cravings for some of the hottest styles to ever be released. It is an exciting sight to behold and since City Gear is never one to miss out on all the fun, we decided to send out a few fanatics of our own to engage with the community and check out all of the impressive collections. At first glance these events can be a bit overwhelming with all the hustle and bustle, but we are always eager to gear up and get out there into the thick of it all.

As an official Kicklahoma sponsor, City Gear seeks to support the industry while displaying our commitment to the culture. We know that for some, sneakers are a work of art to be displayed and for others, a status symbol, a statement piece, or merely fashionable footwear. We know what makes a holy grail and that the smoothness of a stitch or a collective colorway is something to never be overlooked. Whether you think that sneaker collecting is a hobby, a habit, or a hustle of its own, City Gear is always there to provide all shoe-lovers with that highly sought after heat that everyone desires.

See you next year!