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Where Are We?

The 20th annual Indie Memphis Film Fest has a full line up of films starting November 1st-6th. Visit Studio on the Square this week to choose from over 200+ short films and movies. One of our favorites at City Gear is the short film “Where Are We?”

This short film is about a couple (Merit + Six) and their unsure future together. The movie is filmed in downtown Memphis. Creator Vic Matthews expresses that most relationships experience a crossroad when they are uncertain about growing together or just staying friends. The discourse ebbs and flows between each person and their role in the relationship and eventually leads to the unexpected but suddenly paramount question- Where are we, and is it worth traveling further together? Catch this film 11.5 at the Studio on the Square at 11am CST to learn the outcome of the couple.

“When two people are getting married, and one is gung ho about it, social norms usually has it be the girl. I switched the gender role to change perspective.” -Vic

Come out to the Indie Film Fest this week! Click here for scheduled events and learn how to fest this year. Follow the fest on Facebook and Instagram for updates.