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Manrise Ministries

City Gear is a proud member of the communities we serve, and we would like to shine a light on Manrise Ministries. This wonderful organization works with Memphis, TN area high school students to help teach character and discipline.

Manrise Ministries’ all-volunteer staff mentor young men and women by encouraging morality, good character, and responsibility. Character is a focus of the ministry, and their “Character Coaches” meet weekly with these young individuals to provide necessary instruction on building character.

With supporters like City Gear, Manrise provides a variety of services such as serving dinners for entire teams, and celebrating academic accomplishments by the students. However, the biggest events of the year are the football and basketball camps, and they are the highlight of Manrise Ministries’ efforts.

Manrise recently wrapped up their 2015 basketball camp hosted by Germantown Baptist Church with support from Southwind High, Collierville High, Germantown High, Houston High, and MUS, all allowing the use of their gyms for games. The camp consisted of students from 28 schools, most of them local, but a few from Nashville.

For more information on Manrise Ministries, visit their website at