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2017 NBA All-Star Weekend

The 66th edition of the NBA All-Star game will be played this Sunday in New Orleans. All-Star weekend is always a fun tradition, one that also includes the Slam Dunk and the Three-Point Contests. Let’s take a look and break down each event:

The Three-Point Contest is always entertaining, and one that fans look forward to each year. Klay Thompson will look to become the first player to win the contest back-to-back since 2007-2008, going up against the likes of CJ McCollum, Kyle Lowry, Kyrie Irving and others. The easy thing to do would be to pick anyone from Golden State to win, but I predict CJ McCollum will take it this year, and further establish himself as one of the league’s premier 3-point shooters.

Check out Klay Thompson drain 3-pointers! //

The Slam Dunk Contest is another enjoyable aspect of NBA All-Star weekend. Although two-time defending champ Zach LaVine underwent surgery for a torn ACL this past week, he had already declined the invitation to compete before the injury. Glenn Robinson, DeAndre Jordan, Aaron Gordon and Derrick Jones Jr. will lead the pack this year. This year’s Slam Dunk contest will, in my opinion, be won by DeAndre Jordan. His height and power will give him the advantage over his competitors and he’ll come away with his first Slam Dunk Contest title.

DeAndre Jordan dominating! //

Regardless of who you root for, All-Star weekend and the events leading up to the game are usually very entertaining. So if you’re a sports fan, take some time out of your busy life this weekend to check it out.

What NBA All-Star Weekend is all about! //

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NBA All-Star Game 2017