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New City Gear stores

City Gear is expanding, opening new stores in Kansas City, MO and converting a Deveroes store in both Cincinnati, OH and Louisville, KY. We are excited about this opportunity to offer the Kansas City area the best in streetwear, shoes and urban apparel. Since Deveroes has been acquired by City Gear, the Deveroes stores will begin conversion to City Gear stores. They'll have the same great shoe selection with some expanded apparel lines, so you can get the best shoe brands and styles like Nike, Jordan and Reebok along with clothing brands like Trukfit, LRG, Born Fly, DGK and more. Look out for other store conversions as well as new City Gear store openings in the future. Find a City Gear store near you using our store locator and keep an eye on this blog for any future news on City Gear and the latest brands and styles of streetwear and sneakers.

New City Gear Stores


3115 Prospect Ave. Kansas City, MO 64128

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Store 78 AAA

8670 East 63rd St. Kansas City, MO 64133

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Deveroes Conversions

3880 Paxton Ave Cincinnati, OH 45209 Twitter | Facebook
1211 West Broadway Louisville, KY 40203 Twitter | Facebook