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Artist Spotlight: PreauXX

Assertive, passionate, and unapologetic. Those are some of the words used to describe Memphis-based rap artist, PreauXX. Born Christopher Dansby, the New Orleans native has spent many years shaking up the underground hip-hop scene with his fiery presence and powerful delivery that urges his listeners to unashamedly live life on their own terms. After arriving in Memphis in the late 90s, he found himself comforted by the heavy downbeats of the city’s own hip-hop legends that served as inspiration for his well-known Nawlins x Memphis style. Fast forward many years later to when PreauXX put his own ideas to work and went on to be heard at house parties, dimly light venues, and artsy gatherings across the city. He may come from humble southern beginnings, but now gets to work his magic in front of thousands of fans, gracing sold out stages and opening for chart-topping big names at some of the most well-known music festivals in the nation.

PreauXX just dropped his new EP Luxxurious Steve Austin, but this rapper is not new the rap game. PreauXX made his initial apperence on the scene in 2010 after he stepped away from student life at The University of Memphis (where he met his producers Alexander Odell and IMAKEMADBEATS) to greater purse his calling. He focused his efforts on running and promoting a local music collective he helped co-found that focuses on influencing positive change in the city while simultaneously working with his new team to complete his first major mixtape To Kill A Mockingbird, a 17-track tape that displays all of the powerful emotions brought forth from a deeply examined life.

Year after year, mixtape after EP after album, his reputation continued to build major steam, and not one to take his eye off the prize, he continued to use his growing recognition to further connect with his fellow Memphians by working solely with local label, Unapologetic, speaking at schools around the city, and investing his time in projects that build up but not out. His ever-growing popularity can be attributed to his unique sound that deviates from the usual hip hop blueprint of overt bravado, but instead focuses on laying down tracks that leave a cultural imprint while expressing all the love, hustle, struggle, and change in his own life and the larger diaspora.

The young rapper continues to keep all eyes on him without losing that good ole homegrown hip-hop style that made him what he is today. The lyricist has worked tirelessly to show the world that he is a true force to be reckoned with, backed up by the strong and devoted following he has gathered through his refreshing sound and quick-fire freestyles.

Can’t get enough of PreauXX? Be sure to check out his SoundCloud for a full listing of fire tracks.