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PUMA World Cup Soccer Collection

Soccer is one of the most popular sports on the planet Earth and nothing demonstrates that better than the FIFA World Cup. Every 4 years since 1930, 32 of the best soccer teams in the world have competed to see which team can claim that title definitively. In honor of this highly anticipated event legendary brand Puma, drops a slick, retro-inspired collection right in time for this year’s World Cup in Russia.  


The collection is an homage to past World Cup events and includes a set of vintage style jerseys for Brazil, Mexico, Italy, and the United States, the iconic Puma Roma in matching colorways as well as t-shirts bearing the flags of each country. Each jersey is emblazoned with a year marking their historic achievements.

For Mexico and the United States their dates symbolize the years their countries hosted the World Cup.

Brazil and Italy’s dates celebrate the years they won the World Cup. The t-shirts from the collection feature the flags found on bottom left corner of the jerseys at full size and give you another option to rock with the eye popping Romas . Even if you’re not a soccer fan, these colorways are too clean to ignore. Cop yours now in-stores and online.