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Sneaker Spotlight: Air Jordan 14 Retro 'Last Shot'

2018 marks exactly twenty years since Michael Jordan’s legacy-sealing final championship. As with every Jordan moment, the shoes he wore during that moment became revered as an defining part of his legacy.

As he did with the XI, His Airness laced up his newest signature several months ahead of their scheduled release date. The XIV was another immediate smash hit for Tinker Hatfield and Jordan, the Ferrari 550M inspired design exudes luxury much in the same way the XI did.  Jordan brought the Air Jordan XIV out during the second half of Game 5 in his signature playoff black colorway. Yet, it was the final game of the series, Game 6, that catapulted this shoe into stardom.

On June 14, 1998 Jordan scored 45 points and hit the shot against the Utah Jazz that would win the Chicago Bulls their sixth NBA championship.  The entire sequence is unforgettable, Jordan had just hit a layup to put the Bulls up 86-85 after Utah Jazz point guard John Stockton nailed a three pointer. Down in the low post, Karl Malone had the ball stolen by the man himself, Michael Jordan who took it down the court, crossed up (or pushed off of, according to Jazz fans) Byron Russell and pulled up for the championship winning jumper. After knocking off the Utah Jazz for the second consecutive year, Michael Jordan retired once again immortalizing the shoe as the last pair Jordan ever played in...until it wasn’t when Jordan un-retired in 2001. The Air Jordan Retro 14 'Last Shot' will be available 6/14 in-stores, online, and on the City Gear App.