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Sneakerhead Problems in 2016

So we are about halfway through the first month of 2016, and it’s the beginning of another year of hot releases from all brands. But, as time marches on being a sneakerhead gets harder and harder. As I’ve said before with the advent of the digital age, anyone can be a sneakerhead.

With Twitter and the Gram filling up with people who are or claim to be sneakerheads, it’s become harder to cop those coveted grails, grab a pair in a restock, or even snag a regular launch. So many factors (line, popularity, limited size runs, etc.) cause us to miss out on those kicks we crave, but the main two are probably the most heinous words in sneaker culture: resellers and bots.

Everyone’s had to deal with resellers, but no one likes it. Nothing is more heart-wrenching than going to a launch, and hearing the words, “We’re sold out.” Then you walk outside, and see a reseller trying to get double the sticker price in the parking lot. Obviously the same happens with every major release on eBay.

Sadly we, as the sneaker community, have created the issue, because without resellers some people would never be able to cop the sneakers they want. I can see how some think it’s not fair though. A lot of resellers make all of the income from reselling, while people like you and me have to work to feed the need. So those dudes can wait for hours for a drop, no sweat.

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Instead of waiting though, a lot employ bots to do the dirty work for them. Bots come in varying complexity from keeping your order info saved, to doing the entire ordering process alone. People who aren’t masters of coding buy bots through seedy “back alleys” of the internet. Bots can cause a restock to sell out within two to three seconds, typically faster than the average person can pull out their credit card. Bots have even plagued giants like, when they famously cancelled the online releases until they figured out how to deal with bots.

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As 2016 rolls on, a lot of retailers have employed apps, Twitter raffles, or other strategies. City Gear has implemented raffles on Twitter for big releases like the Yeezy 350 Boost, and those have worked well for us so far. As the year goes on sneakerheads need to be mindful of a few tricks to get as much of a lead on the resellers and bots as they can. Make sure you follow all the right people on Twitter, including City Gear, and set up notifications for the specific retailers and sneakers you are looking to cop.

Be vigilant and persistent, friends. You will face resellers, salty individuals, and bots this year as we all try to cop the hottest kicks of the year.