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Sneakerhead Spotlight: Wale

Society at large might know Washington D.C. native Wale as a rapper, but sneakerheads know him as a sneakerhead. The conscience-leaning rapper is known for his massive stash of heat- dude has been seen wearing Southbeach LeBron 8’s, New York foams, Black Cement 3’s, Miami Dolphin Penny 5, Bo Jackson Diamond Turfs, Atomic LeBron 9’s... the list goes on and on. 

 wale sneakerhead foamposite

Not just to be seen with, Wale raps about his passion constantly.

"Say we can't always be fly/We gon' be good as long them sneakers' white," 

"Viotech trainers on the way to work/And we would quietly complain while Eric would lurk/That was the PG Plaza manager, managing us"

"But I'm not without a conscience I see people out there hurtin'/Got 'em for Penny Foams that was bought at this very store/And I think that was my shift, then again I'm not very sure"

These cuts are just a few of his many dozen kick references. They span from the lows of sneakerhead resellers gauging the market, to the highs of copping the grails you've always wanted. And Wale is sure to have copped a few grails.

wale heat sneaker

He's been asked on occasion what his favorites are or how many he owns. When it comes down to it, you know you're a sneakerhead when you've lost count of how many you own." 

There's reason he tops Sole Collector's best famous sneakerheads list and comes in at #3 on complex's take.  He's known and noted for his authenticity. Of all the hypebeasts that roam the kingdom of sneakerland, Wale is a big name that reps real love. He doesn't just rock the hottest new shoe, he's always sure to wear the kicks with the best stories, or secret heat. Wale is all about real sneakerheads, and condemns those who just jumped onto the bandwagon of when new sneakers hit. I mean, the guy's knowledge is seemingly limitless...

In "the album about nothing," Wale dropped lyrics about Foamposites, Jordans, and Nike SB. The album featured famous comedian and OG sneakerhead Jerry Seinfeld being sampled in the track "White Kicks." The comedian collaborated with Wale to a level that the album art took major direction from the show Seinfeld, and used a lot of dialogue from the show.

The Album About Nothing art

In 2014, the rapper and his hitta Seinfeld sat down with Complex to discuss their love of sneakers.  Wale quickly outshined the comedian. Seinfeld claimed he’s never had 500 pairs of kicks, Wale says he has probably lost 500 pairs. He talked about the difficulty of managing his collection by having a few sneaker rooms across the country, including at his mom’s house. It's no joke when you've got to have a few DIFFERENT sneaker rooms to keep your collection in order.

Wale and Jerry Seinfeld in a diner

While the rapper believes Nike to be a trailblazer, he doesn’t shy away for collabing with other brands. He has teamed up with Timberland and Asics in the past as well. No matter what brand he is feeling at the time, Wale is a man who loves sneakers, and shares his vision with the world. 

Wale - black and white

Images via: Nice Kicks, Sole Collector, and Celeb Sneaker Game