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City Gear Sole School Program

City Gear is a proud member of the communities we serve. In an effort to strengthen our bond within these communities, we have established the City Gear Sole School program. City Gear partners with neighborhood schools in all of our regions to give back to the community. Part of the Sole School Partnership is promoting academic excellence, and we encourage all of the young athletes the stay in school, make fantastic grades, graduate, and plan for a career.

If students work hard, basketball can be a part of their life every day even if they don't move on to the next level athletically. At City Gear, we work with other companies like Nike and Jordan to make sure that students have the best quality products and the hottest pairs of shoes every season. Everyone has a different skill set and City Gear could have a role for dedicated student athletes.

Students who love the commercials during the Super Bowl or are all over Instagram and Facebook, could have a career in Marketing. Our Marketing team takes all of our products and finds new ways to reach our customer

Athletes and artists are trend leaders, and fashion is a huge part of our world. Those who see an athlete at a press conference or go to a concert and wonder what they are wearing, could be a Buyer in charge of picking out what will eventually go in stores and manage the business behind the products.

For students who are natural leaders who encourage your friends to make the right decisions and try harder, they could be a City Gear store manager. Managers succeed by steering their team in the right direction, connecting with customers, and staying on top of the latest trends.

Every one of the young athletes from the schools we partner with has the skills it takes to succeed, and their coaches and teachers are there to help. Stay in school, get your degree, and you can have a career doing something that you love, like all of us do. We get to work with great people and hot, new products every day. We love basketball like you do. We have followed our passions and with help, identified our strengths, and turned that into careers we are proud to have.

City Gear recently went to Kirby High School in Memphis, TN, Provine High School in Jackson, MS, George Washington Carver High School in Montogomery, AL, and Woodlawn High School in Birmingham, AL; and gave all of the boys on the basketball team Jordan Rising High 2's and a Jordan backpack. We also visited L.B. Landry Walker High School in New Orleans, LA, and the boys basketball team received Nike Hyperdunks and a Nike backpack. Each team also received a $1000 donation from City Gear as part of the City Gear Sole School program.

City Gear is proud to be aligned with such a good group of talent. Good luck in the coming season guys!

City Gear Sole School

City Gear Sole School PHS boys basketball team