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CG Events: Staple Shopping Spree with Blac Youngsta

On September 28th, we teamed up with the legendary Staple brand to send four lucky contest winners on a Staple shopping spree at one of our Memphis locations. These four contestants not only got to cop all the hottest Staple gear they got to do alongside one of the hottest rappers in the country--who just happens to be from Memphis--Blac Youngsta.

Youngsta Entrance


Draped in a fresh new fit from the “Staple U" collection and enough ice to freeze a penguin, Youngsta came in with a beaming smile and boiling with excitement. The energy in the store was palpable and Youngsta immediately turned ito up to ten. 

youngsta contest


The surprise event quickly spawned quite a gathering once the electric Heavy Camp emcee made his presence known via Instagram Live. Despite his standoffish personality on social media Blac Youngsta is truly a man of the people filled with levity and wit matched by very few rappers. During his time with us, Youngsta mingled with fans as if they were his own family, cracking jokes and espousing life lessons like your favorite cousin.

youngsta and kids


During the festivities, we had a chance to speak with Youngsta about his connection to Staple, his upcoming projects, and his bond with City GEAR and to the city of Memphis as a whole. Blac Youngsta is equally as full of insight and advice as he is comedy and fun.

youngsta shop


Check out our interview with Blac Youngsta for CGTV below!

Posted in Events, on Oct 4, 2018