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City Gear Summer Playlist

From the reign of Migos to Kendrick's return, good music in 2017 has happened quick, Let's take a look at 5 tracks perfect for your late-summer party. 

From the jump, our number favorite song this summer was YFN Lucci's Everyday We Lit feat. PnB Rock. The song is packed with energy and encourages living life by celebrating coming from "nothing to something." 

Another summer track that seems impossible to wear out is Trina's If It Ain't Me feat K. Michelle. This was an unexpected master collaboration which is now considered to be a Summertime anthem for women. K. Michelle is currently working on her 4th album and Trina has announced that her album The One will be availanle September 16th. Follow them for their current movements.

No matter how many times you hear this song, we hype up like it's our first time hearing it. We can't say if it "look like [offset] was left off Bad and Boujee" but regardless, Uzi's pinch hitter verse was icing on the cake. Bad and Boujee made every woman feel like she was just that, no matter how much money she had in her bank account. Migos are truly a group of "musical genius". They do it for the "culture."

Honestly, Bruno Mars took some warming up to; but we gotta give credit-where credit is due. That's What I Like will forever be a classic and the remix featuring Gucci Mane brings the East Atlanta Santa onto the 80's synth banger. 

"Sit down and Be Humble," the key to succeeding in life. Kendrick Lamar has always exuded raw and unfiltered talent. There are no boundaries to his lyrical ability and he will always speak his mind, as he should. The key difference between Kendrick Lamar and other current rappers is that he has substance behind his lyrics. It's more than drugs, money and sex. Kendrick Lamar's perspective is not for the faint hearted but is for the open-minded, realist. He has my respect for being that voice for fans that are not as vocalized as he is.