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This Week's Heat: Air Jordan 5 Retro, Puma Y&R Clyde Mid, and more.

Brash new looks and remixes of classic kicks are coming your way this week from Air Jordan and Puma. Y&R revisit the classic Puma Clyde and the more modern Tsugi, while Fenty X Rihanna debut their new women's kicks. Finally, Air Jordan is dropping the 5 Retro in blue suede for the ballers with style. Come cop these styles at your local City Gear before its too late.

Air Jordan 5 Retro 'Flight Suit' - 9/30/17 - 136027-401

Air Jordan 5 Retro

The Air Jordan 5 was designed by Tinker Hatfield and released in 1990. Hatfield's inspiration for the 5's came from fighter jets so the midsoles have flames on the side that resemble painted WWII aircrafts. The 5's were the first Jordan's to have a clear outsole, reflective tongue, and mesh panels on either side.

'Flight Suit' 5's are in a velvety blue suede. In fact, most of this shoe is blue on blue. The featured accents are the reflective silver tongue with the black jumpman logo, the blue mesh panels across the sides and tongue, and the black flames sparking up the side of the midsoles. The outsoles are clear just like the original 5's, and the lace locks are clear and blue to match.

The Air Jordan 5 Retro 'Flight Suit' will be available of Saturday, September 30th, in-store only, so check Where to Cop for more info. They will be in Men's and Kid's sizes starting at $190.


Puma Y&R Clyde Mid 'Beige' & 'Pink' - 9/28/17 - 365880-01 & 365880-02

Puma Y&R Clyde Mid

Puma is bringing back a time-honored shoe that celebrates time-honored legend, Walt “Clyde” Frazier. In 1973, Clyde requested that Puma create a version of their classic suede sneakers with a wider fit. Unknowingly to him, he would become one of the first athletes to receive a branded shoe of his own and spark a culture of athletic endorsement deals.

Like Clyde Frazier himself, Puma Clydes are still on the scene decades later and are continuing to be revamped while always representing a clean flawless style. More than 40 years later the shoes are still the essence of cool with the Puma Clyde Mid(365880-01), now constructed to have a more modern basketball shoe-inspired fit. The new fit comes in an almond beige-colored leather upper with close laces for an adjustable fit. And of course--the classic gold “Clyde” moniker stamp.

The Puma Y&R Clyde Mid 'Beige' & 'Pink' will be available of Thursday, September 28th, in select stores an online, so check Where to Cop for more info. They will be in Men's sizes for $110.


Puma Y&R Tsugi Netfit 'Green' - 9/28/17 - 365881-01

Puma Y&R Tsugi Netfit

Japan, a country well-known for its innovative endeavors, is always seeking to upgrade and find the next best thing. That is just what you get with the Puma Tsugi Netfits(365881-01). Tsugi, meaning ‘next’ in Japanese, will always make your next step better than the last. Inspired by Japanese architecture that is built sturdy enough to withstand earthquakes and other natural disasters while simultaneously possessing lightweight materials in the interior, these shoes create the perfect balance to keep you, well—balanced, and the secret to balance is a strong foundation.

Tsugi Netflits begin with a thick rubber outsoles with a barred pattern for maximum gripe underneath IGNITE foam midsoles that absorbs shock and offers energy return. The fully knitted sock-like construction makes up the inside for lightweight form-fitted comfort while being sheathed in 100% mesh uppers that, like crisscrossing ceiling beams in traditional Japanese homes, allow for natural ventilation that will keep you cool and dry. The dark olive green and black colorway will give you a sense of peace and stability no matter how your steps cause the pavement to quake.

The Puma Y&R Tsugi Netfit 'Green' will be available of Thursday, September 28th, in select stores and online, so check Where to Cop for more info. They will be in Men's sizes for $100.


Puma Women's Fenty X Rihanna 'Black & White' - 9/28/17 - 366264-01

Puma Women's Fenty X Rihanna

It is our pleasure to announce the graduating class of 2017! Dubbed “Fenty University” for its traditional collegiate vibe, the Fenty x Puma Autumn/Winter Collection 17 is officially here. Cited as always being sent home from school for her numerous dress code violations, RiRi has gotten her satisfaction by ensuring that there is a fit for every clique with this rule-breaking collection. And now is your chance to be disruptive and defiant in the long-anticipated Puma Fenty Ankle Strap Creeper (366264-01).

Making their debut on a Paris runway, these kicks perpetuate the 90s grunge-inspired style of her original creepers but have left behind the soft suede for a sleeker leather. They also now feature a distinctive thick-banded ankle strap embossed with ‘PUMA’ in haute punk font. To make sure you always show out wherever you show up, a dense rubber platform outsole has been added to give you additional height. Available in three colorways, this pair comes in all-black uppers with white accents that help highlight the shoes’ specific expressive form.

The Puma Women's Fenty X Rihanna 'Black & White' will be available of Thursday, September 28th, in select stores and online, so check Where to Cop for more info. They will be in Women's sizes for $190.