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This Week's Heat: Air Jordan Women's 11 Retro Low, Nike Air Max 720, and more

This week's heat is hot like summer. Air Jordan Women's 11 Retro Low 'Snakeskin' shakes things up in a bright, eye-catching style. Nike Air Max 720 'Red' is red hot and ready for the streets. Nike Air Max 98 'Grey' keeps cool like standing in the shade. Nike Air Max 95 'White' shines bright reflecting back the heat and the haters. Nike PG 3 'Multi' flies light so you're not sweating. All these styles and more will be available this week at your local City Gear, online at, and on the City Gear app.


Air Jordan Women's 11 Retro Low 'Snakeskin' - 5/7/19 - AH7860-106

Air Jordan 11 Retro

The greatness of Air Jordan is back and better than ever with the Air Jordan Womens 11 Retro Low (AH7860-106). Famously known for the featured glossy patent leather, the high-quality material is there for more than just lookin’ good but to help minimize stretching to ensure that the feet stay in bounds for a protective feel with the added benefit of upscale elegance. Durable synthetic tumbled leather gives extra support while stretchy overextended rope laces lock you in for an ultra-secure fit. Underfoot foam cushioning in the midsoles protect from the blow of heavy impact and keep you ballin’ all day long. Solid rubber outsoles outfitted with circular traction patterns provide 360-degree control and effortless pivots in every playground pickup game. Made for performance and perfected for style, this new iteration of the AJ 11 Retros is all about the classy cut and high shine design of the elegant uppers covered by Snakeskin mudgaurds and translucent outsoles that make these the wild ones of the Air Jordan lineage.

The Air Jordan Women's 11 Retro Low 'Snakeskin' will be available Tuesday, May 7th, in stores and online. They will be in women's sizes for $185.


Nike Air Max 720 'Red' - 5/10/19 - AO2924-600

Nike Air Max 720

Put your best foot forward in the new Nike Air Max 720. This futuristic footwear rocks an extra bold and extra light construction that gives all other sneakers a run for their money. Padded synthetic uppers form a single piece that protects the feet from impact at all angles. A stylish geometric pattern commands attention with an outward rippling effect that seeks to draw the eyes inward and highlight the bright colorway. The biggest selling point that bestows it as a rightful member of the Air Max family is the fluffy air bubble under each foot that give full longitudal and latitudal support on a 720-degree plane. This cutting-edge cushioning tops off the style and lets you experience advanced athleticism with these out-of-this-world kicks.

The Nike Air Max 720 'Red' will be available Friday, May 10th, in stores and online. They will be in men's sizes for $180.


Nike Air Max 98 'Grey' - 5/10/19 - 640744-011

Nike Air Max 98

Nike is back at it with another pair of cultural icons, the Nike Air Max 98. As the quieter lesser recognized member of the Air Max family, these 98s have finally come out of their shell to help you take on the day. Multiple shapes and textures make up the sculpted silhouette for a pair of versatile sneakers that pack a mega punch. Leather overlay and Nike branding rests around the uppers that were delicately placed on top of visible full-length Nike Air units to help energize your every step so you can focus on testing your own limits of how far you can go.

The Nike Air Max 98 'Grey' will be available Friday, May 10th, in stores and online. They will be in women's sizes for $160.


Nike Air Max 95 'White' - 5/10/19 - CD7495-101

Nike Air Max 95

Multiple generations of shoes inspire multiple generations of consumers. And Nike shows the genius in the its genealogy with the Nike Air Max 95. The visible Max Air units showcase the shared DNA with its forefathers but the distinct design features characteristics of advantageous mutation. Originally enduring rounds of concept testing, it finally came to life after being designed to mimic the human form. Like man, the development of a spine created a sturdy foundation while promoting mobility. The spinal midsoles are wrapped in full length polyurethane for increased durability and stability as the outsoles’ joint-like grooves warrant connection, maximizing flexibility and allowing for smooth transitions. Surrounding synthetic material on the uppers imitates muscle fibers and dermis for boosted endurance and protection from the elements. Rib cage laces will hold everything in place to complete a lightweight shoe with unanticipated strength.

The Nike Air Max 95 'White' will be available Friday, May 10th, in stores and online. They will be in men's sizes for $160.


Nike PG 3 'Multi' - 5/11/19 - AO2607-901

Nike PG 3

Stylish & sporty, these Nike Pg 3 are among the latest and greatest of performance shoes that the world has to offer. Their athletic and robust silhouette, exceptional cushioning, and remarkable shock absorption insures that you always stay on top of your game.

The Nike PG 3 'Multi' will be available Saturday, May 11th, in stores and online. They will be in men's sizes for $110.