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Women in Sneakers

Sneaker culture grew up around a need for athletic sneakers, and the vast majority of the athletic sneaker market is geared toward men. But, as the industry aged and pushed athletic styles into the fashion realm, the sneaker culture has spread past the bounds of only men.

Women are becoming an increasingly proportional population of sneaker enthusiasts. With that comes openings for female sneakerheads, who grew up loving sneakers, to make their mark on sneaker history. Celebrities like Rihanna and designers like Sophia Chang are changing the face of the industry with their style and collaborations.

Fenty Bow Sneakers

Rihanna is a singer, songwriter, and 2017 Harvard University Humanitarian of the Year, but she is also the creative director and global brand ambassador of Puma’s Women’s collection. Since being given the position in late 2014, the seven-time Grammy winner and Council of Fashion Designers of America’s Fashion Icon laureate used her keen eye for fashion to steer the sneaker culture to embrace women with her multiple Rihanna X Puma exclusives and inspirations, such as the Fenty Bow Collection and Puma Creeper sneakers.

Making further strides Puma has also partnered with designer Sophia Chang in the past for artistic collections like her “Brooklynite” line, in which Chang employed New York City inspirations to convey her creative personality. She took classic silhouettes like the Basket and carved out her space in the sneaker world.

Brooklynite Collection

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Chang has been a sneakerhead since she was a kid, growing up in New York. All of the cultural influence that comes with living in New York is part of her inspiration and drive. Chang believes the internet has allowed the female sneakerhead scene to thrive, and as athletic apparel dips further into the fashion realm more women will become sneaker enthusiasts.

Brooklynite Collection

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The Jordan brand releases girls' silhouettes, but the original design often comes from someone else like Tinker Hatfield. Other brands such has Nike and Under Armour have begun to push hard into the women’s realm with their apparel collections. Brands are seeing the value in including women in sneaker culture with icons like Rihanna and Sophia Chang leading the charge. Without these women, we wouldn't have stylish editions to the sneaker world like Rihanna's Fenty collection.