Complex, distinguished, and defined by its strong connection to sport, the multinational brand Adidas continues to transform the world by serving as the true badge of sport. Founded in 1924 (originally under the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory until it officially became Adidas in 1949) the sportswear line has spent nearly a century producing gear for some of the world’s top athletes and most accomplished record breakers. All these years later, it still operates on the spirit of founder Adi Dassler, a humble German shoe maker that decided to go his own way after a pretty heated break from his equally ambitious brother. With more than 900 million products sold from the brand and every one of its sub brands per year, Adidas is present in every corner of the world where athletics are played, watched, and celebrated with pieces for every form of sport ensuring that no athlete gets left behind or forgotten. It is built for those who want to be stronger, faster, and want to look just a little bit cooler by rocking the brand with the famous triple stripes, the mark of three parallel bars that encourage its wearers to raise their own. From the track, court, or field and all the way into the streets, Adidas is consistently comfortable and reliable while also acting as an outward signal of a particular lifestyle that holds activity as its core value.