A healthy outside starts from the inside and the inner workings of anything that runs successfully begins with the right components. More than half a century ago, multinational brand ASICS got its start when retired military officer and founder, Kihachiro Onitsuka, decided to invest in his own interest of empowering post-war youth when he began manufacturing footwear out of his living room in his hometown of Kobe, Japan. Originally known as Onitsuka Co., the Japanese brand established itself in 1949 with the mission of promoting healthy happy habits and an overall positive lifestyle approach. Kihachiro was devoted to developing and testing any and every possible concept in order to produce the best athletic shoes that money could buy. This sentiment proved to register with his consumers as the company’s popularity steadily grew until the expansion attempts became so relentless, it was finally introduced into international markets where it could slowly but surely make a place for itself. In the late 1970s, two notable American salesmen peddled the famous Onitsuka Tiger sneakers from the back of a car at local and regional track meets where the sneakers then experienced a more than favorable outcome. This progress and international acceptance made Kihachiro decide that Onitsuka Co. could better align itself with the audience by taking on a new name that would form a more cohesive brand. Soon enough, everything was merged together under one parent company known as ASICS. Represented as an acronym for the latin phrase ‘Anima Sana in Corpore Sano,’ meaning “a sounds mind in a sound body,” the ASICS brand has long held its place as being synonymous with the value of exercise as advantageous not just for the body, but also for one’s overall mental and psychological well-being. Since this new name brought the world a story that perfectly aligned with the consumers’ attitudes towards self-care and maintaining a high quality of life, new aspirations began to form just as new standards for research and development emerged. Always looking towards the future, Mr. Onitsuka sought out ways to encourage technological advancement for his line within a newly competitive sneaker market. In May 1990, ASICS opened the Research Institute of Sport Science in Kobe as a place for coaches, athletes, and scientists from all over the world to work together in the pursuit of remarkable technological advancement. The 45,000-square foot campus gave plenty of room for activities of all kinds to help researchers thoroughly analyze the human body and its’ athletic abilities. Trial after trial, this scientific approach continues to help push the limits of athleticism and engineering while also proving that constant refinement and ever-changing methods are what give one permanent success.