While Patrick Ewing never won a championship ring, no one has scored more points for the Knicks, played more games, brought down more rebounds, block more shots, or scored more free throws than Ewing. Many consider Ewing to one of the most consistent players in NBA history. When Patrick started in the NBA he signed an endorsement with adidas, but in 1991 he left adidas to form his own brand, Ewing Athletics. Ewing was the first player to make is own brand instead of endorsing Nike, adidas, or another brand.

Ewing Athletics was only around for five years, but it put out some solid silhouettes. The most memorable was the Ewing Hi 33, but Ewing Athletics had some crazy designs and names for the shoes. Instead of naming shoes the Ewing 1, Ewing 2, and so on, the Ewing sneakers had creative names like Eclipse Hi, Orion, Rogue, and the Kross. In 2012 Patrick Ewing relaunched Ewing Athletics due to popular demand from the huge cult following on the Internet. The brand is retroing different silhouettes.