Born with an understated and complex beauty that highlights the allure of free movement, French clothing brand, Lacoste, continues to act as an image of artistry with its use of high quality materials and clean smooth cuts. Now more than 80 years into existence, the classy performance-wear brand was founded by and named after French inventor and tennis legend, Rene ́ Lacoste. He was a man known for his belief in fair play who approached everything he did with a certain persistence and tenacity that lead him through victories in both the athletic and fashion world. As an inventor, Ren(e ) ́always sought to better adapt things to specific situations. He modified the original tennis racket to sport the steel frame that is seen today, reworked the wires to produce greater force, and most famously, cut the sleeves off of a tennis shirt. This simple act took the tennis community by storm as it served as a solution for various obstacles caused by more traditional attire. The new construction became known as the ‘polo shirt’ which featured a more breathable knit material and pique collar that gave the wearer a bit more control. Shorten sleeves and adjustable upturned collar gave the player a less restrictive fit while protecting them from the harsh rays of the sun. Monsieur Lacoste put the humble garment in the spotlight by wearing it adorned with an embroidered crocodile on the chest at many of his matches. This small famous symbol originally came from an inside bet between Rene and a friend that promised to gift him a crocodile suitcase in the event that he won a particular game. Suitcases and jokes aside, the croc was here to stay and it went on to become the defining marker of premium casual clothing and the creator’s never-ending quest for excellence. Lacoste now produces a wider range of apparel pieces available in 1,200 shops spread across various countries and with two products sold every second, with it still lingers an expertise and eye for detail that exhibits modern French style with savoir-faire in every stich.