New Era

After nearly a century of producing the most popular headgear the world has ever know, the New York based cap brand, New Era, continues to remind us to always swing big and with everything we have because every strike brings you closer to a homerun. Founded in 1920 by German-immigrant Ehrhardt Koch, the cap supplier got his start in the backroom of an apartment building in Buffalo, NY where he was accompanied by 13 other employees, most of which were his own direct family members. The family business produced 60,000 of the wildly popular Gatsby caps, a garment that went on to become a symbol of the working class throughout the early 20th century. The quality of fabrication put the brand in the spotlight for the time being but in order to stay relevant the headwear house saw that it needed to continue to adjust through the changing social, political, economic, and fashion climate of the time. The famous newsboy hat may have created revenue for the small company but its real turning point happened just as the appeal of the fashion cap was fading and popularity of professional baseball began to rise. New Era redeveloped its strategy until it secured its first MLB contract and created the premier professional sports cap in 1934 for the Cleveland Indians. This tenacity and earnest spirit carried the brand onward through troublesome times, such as the shortage of fabric throughout the 1940s as a result of World War II rationing. Determined to not let this scarcity bring them down, the family purchased as much plain fabric as they could and began to dye it in different team colors in their own washing machine. This level of resilience proved to be a shining example of the American Exceptionalism that brought the headwear company further into public attention during the post-war age. In the 1950s, New Era finally reached iconic status and recognition as a household name when it began to supply hats for a multitude of Major League Baseball teams. Around this time, it also introduced the notable 59Fifty hat that gave people the option of a more casual contemporary look. Wild popularity and massive success at home and abroad carried the brand upward generation after generation until it became its current entity as THE number one headwear brand in the world with more than 500 different licenses for a variety of sports teams, federations, and organizations. So, whether you are looking for a cap that shows off your specific affiliation or identity as an aficionado, or maybe just to simply make a fashion statement, you can always trust that nothing beats New Era in every era. ;