True Religion

Throughout the decades, American inventions became cultural staples to be exported across the globe with denim jeans quickly being seen as American as apple pie. True Religion Brand Jeans is an all-American luxury clothing brand based out of sunny California that aims to go bigger and bolder with a beloved classic garment. Originally founded in 2002, the brand quickly grew in popularity until it was sold in more than 900 stores in 50 countries spanning 6 separate continents. Instantly recognizable by their signature “T Stitch” that is structured by 5 needle threading and 2 stiches per inch that show the dedication to quality craftmanship, these jeans are truly fashion forward even from behind. Each pair is named after the most memorable icons to grace the streets of Hollywood to give the wearer an air of exclusivity as they proceed through everyday life. True Religion was created with one word in mind: fearlessness. Corporate fearlessness to inspire new fashions while also inspiring fearlessness in the hearts of its’ wearers, ultimately encouraging them to take control of the world around them.