Staple Blackpigeon Sweatpants

Staple Blackpigeon Sweatpants



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Gaining recognition for its own brand of energy characterized by artsy screen prints and haute embroidery, Staple Pigeon brings underground art and culture to the forefront by collaborating with prestigious street artists and athletic brands of all kinds. Beginning as the center point for music, art, and fashion in the lower east side of NYC, the Staple hype has gone cross continental with its tremendous global fanfare. The ever-growing brand created a perfect fusion of urban rawness and utility through its use of premium materials and impeccable construction that allows every piece to bring an element of mature sophistication to some of the world's most gritty concrete jungles. Choose to move smoothly in a pair of Staple Blackpigeon Sweatpants (1811B5052), stylish sweats that allow for a full range of motion to maximize comfort and help minimize physical, mental, and creative restrictions of any kind.

  • 100% jersey cotton
  • Elasticized waist
  • Outer drawstrings
  • Ribbed ankle hems
  • Side/rear pockets
  • Side paneling
  • Color: Black

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